hr software solutionsNot that long ago, carbon paper became the latest technology capable of sharing information with multiple parties for the first time ever. Its invention served as a large time saver for office workers. Just as software is superior to carbon paper, HR payroll system integration can offer many benefits over separate HR and payroll systems.

Cost savings and improvements for HR and payroll staff might be the most obvious advantages. Nevertheless, the ripple effect can extend to all employees and the life of the organization as a whole.

Reduced Administrative Tasks

Entering employee data can be very time consuming, especially if it’s entered multiple times. Avoiding redundancy eliminates excess work so your staff members can focus on the kinds of issues they were trained to handle. A reduction in administrative tasks enables HR professionals to perform more valuable work. It also gives them ample time for exploring new ways to engage and inspire employees, rather than merely documenting them.

Seamless Communications

HR payroll system integration eliminates the need to communicate changes across HR and payroll. Updates made by HR such as promotions and terminations are made available to payroll electronically, thereby saving time in both departments. In addition, any issues that arise from a lag in communication will be eliminated.

Accuracy, Consistency, and Synergy

When information is shared rather than repeated, duplication errors become nonexistent. Once your data undergoes HRIS payroll integration, any updates need doing only once and are shared across the whole system. Since all eyes are looking in the same place for information, it’s more likely that any inaccuracies will be spotted.

Also, if a correction needs to be made, the change will be required in just one system. Companies are better protected when the information used for payroll, tax withholding, and benefits is free from discrepancies.

Improved Reporting

Comprehensive reporting is much easier to complete when the data doesn’t stem from multiple sources. A more complete database allows for richer, tailored reporting. In addition, it provides employees with the opportunity to better customize any information gathered for certain purposes, from reviewing the cost of benefits to improving employee retention.

An accurate, complete dataset can also assist you in attaining a workforce that meets the changing needs of your organization.

Improved Access to Information for Employees

An employee portal that extracts data from one source is a welcome convenience for all members of the organization. Typically, many questions are handled on an individual basis by HR and payroll staff. However, with an employee portal, these questions are easily answered online.

In addition, requests for payroll records and benefits information can be fulfilled by employees with one click of their mouse.

Finding the Right Integrated Payroll Service

Every organization is unique, so the right software solution will be different for every employer. Are you interested in pinpointing which integrated solution will work best for your organization, both now and into the future? Our 100% free service introduces you to vendors who will best meet your needs.